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Cyber Security Tutorial 2021 | Certified Cloud Security Professional Training Part 1 | CCSP Tutorial

Cyber Security Tutorial 2021 | Certified Cloud Security Professional Training Part 1 | CCSP Tutorial\u0026utm_medium=YM\u0026utm_source=youtube
Hello and welcome to cybersecurity tutorial 2021 powered by Lecteron. In this tutorial, you will be able to learn the concepts of certified cloud security professional training course that is nothing but (ISC)2 CCSP.
The CCSP is a global credential that represents the highest standard for cloud security expertise. (ISC)2 is not for profit organization with a mission to promote the use of best practices for providing security assurance within cloud computing.
In this training, the knowledgeable instructor starts with the perquisites to get the certification in CCSP. The CCSP certification is powered by ISC2 International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.
CCSP certification course covers 6 domain areas
1. Cloud Concepts, Architecture, and Design
2. Cloud Data Security
3. Infra \u0026 PAAS Service Models
4. Application Security
5. Cloud Security Operations
6. Legal Compliance

CCSP Examination Pattern:
• Duration of exam: 3 hours
• No of questions: 125
• Question format: Multiple Choice
• Passing grade: 700 out of 1000 points
• Languages available: English
• Examination Centre: Pearson Vue Testing Centre

Cloud Concepts, Architecture and Design
• To understand the building blocks to develop a cloud-based system
• Understand the perspective of cloud service consumer mainly and cloud provider
• Security design principle of cloud computing

Introduction to cloud computing:
Cloud computing is a new operational model and set of technologies for managing shared pools of computing resources.
It has the potential to enhance collaboration, agility, scaling, and availability as well as providing opportunities for cost reduction through optimized and efficient computing.

A simpler way of describing cloud is that it takes a set of resources, such as processors and memory and puts them into a big pool. Consumers ask for what they need out of the pool, such as 8 CPUs and 16 GB of memory, and the cloud assigns those resources to the client, who then connects to use them over the network. When the client is done, they can release the resources back into the pool for someone else to use.

NIST Definition of Cloud:
Cloud is the model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources that can be rapidly provisioned and released with minimum management effort or service provider interaction.

ISO 17788 Definition of cloud
The paradigm for enabling network access to a scalable and elastic pool of shareable physical or virtual resources with self-service provisioning and administration on-demand.

Kindly go through the entire video to start learning the concepts of cybersecurity.
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Femi Paul Williams : Indeed one of the best Cloud Security module and training videos I have ever come across. Well done
Esther and Demiya Forsang : This is the best lecture I have to listen to this year. Thank you for taking the time to explain every single concept detailed in this session.
Krishnan Thothathri : Lets say if i dont have any prior experience in Cloud security and if I pass CCSP exam what should I do to get CCSP certified ?
Simran Sinha : Your video helped me alot
Anurag Tripathi : Kindly release video of domain 2 asap. Thanks.

CCSP Study Guide - Lessons from Failing CCSP First Included

Johan Paramanathan is no stranger to the Cloud world and like many of us he wanted to up skill and learn more about the Cloud. He decided to take the CCSP certification from ISC2. He failed the first attempt but his determination to finish the certification lead him to an interesting path of discovery a study guide or method if you want.

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Ben Malisow : This is AMAZING! So very, very well said...and a great digest of comments I've heard from MANY students (take solace-- you are NOT the only person who failed the first time, and who has said how awful the wording on the test is). So great to hear you passed-- congrats, and welcome to the club!
SrA Leslie : I take this test on Thursday, thank you for the video!! Very helpful. I have been using the app and Mike Chappell's LinkedIn learning course. Did you find the questions are much more difficult than the app? A lot of those questions seem too easy. I hope to return to your video this week and letting you know I passed!!
Jothi Arul Prakash P : Great..!!
It’s good to know the downside and pro-tips for the preparation.
Congratulations on your certification!!
Yuen Mae Shin : Congratulations and thanks for sharing the tips!
Naveen Joseph : Great insight. Thank you Johan.

Cybersecurity | How I Passed My CCSP (Certified Cloud Security Professional) Exam & How You Can Too!

Hey there! Welcome back to my channel! In this video, I cover:
- How I passed my CCSP exam
- Resources I used to study for the CCSP exam
- Pro-tips on how to pass the CCSP exam
... and much more!

I hope that you enjoy, and let me know down below any questions that you have!
Chinazo Nez Mbagwu : Excellent video Meg! I believe I'll tackle the CCSP years down the line when I get my CISSP too. I'm only starting my Cybersecurity journey but I anticipate great things in the future!
John Linkowsky : Thanks Meg for making this video. Your CISSP video was the one that pushed me to complete that beast, so this one is the push I needed to now tackle CCSP. Many thanks, as always for you insight and information sharing.
Dan Slade : Great advice, I think a lot of this could apply to many certifications. Thanks for making the video.
NarootW : Great video Meg! So informative. I will sit this exam next Tuesday. So far, I only rely on the cert guide and a LinkedIn Learning course. Lucky me I found your video! Let me check the All-in-one tomorrow.
James Driscoll : Awesome video Meg. Some great tips that can be used for any exam




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