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UltraStudio Recorder 3G and Monitor 3G - Hands on! // Show and Tell Ep.69

Here's our first look at the UltraStudio Recorder 3G and Monitor 3G from Blackmagic Design. These devices are the 2020 refresh of their previous Thunderbolt 2 models - Now with Thunderbolt 3!

00:00 - Intro
00:31 - UltraStudio Monitor 3G overview
00:49 - UltraStudio Recorder 3G overview
01:02 - Important note on Thunderbolt 3
01:34 - Who are these devices for?
02:43 - Recorder 3G in action with OBS
04:24 - Monitor 3G in action with FCPX
05:13 - Usecase: vMix output
05:33 - Pros
06:29 - Cons
07:28 - Wrapup

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Rainbow Vomit : I appreciate your putting the thunderbolt info at the beginning of the video and being so clear and thorough in your explanation. Many thanks my friend!
Philip Mensah : Thanks for your in depth look into these. 3 Questions:
Q1: Can the Monitor 3G be used to send a M1 Mac mini output into an atem device (i.e. Atem 2 M/E production 4k or any atem switcher)?
Q2: Can the Recorder 3G be used for the vice versa send and atems program feed into a Mac and sent into zoom (as a webcam)?
Q3: Could this act as a cheaper alternative to the decimator md-hx?
Gautam Pallakki : Beautiful explanation of both!
I'm an editor.
I'm still confused, I want to connect my camera to my laptop to get live feed so I can edit them on spot. Which device should I go for?
Carder Media : If you're editing 4K in Premier Pro, and you only have an HD (HDMI) edit monitor - can you 'scale down' your signal? So, in other words, edit in 4K, and get 1920x1080 playback on your monitor?
Manax : Very thanks for the video!
A question: in your opinion is it also compatible with Thunderbolt 2? 
That is, can it also be used with old Macs that have that peripheral, obviously with a Thunderbolt 3 -> Thunderbolt 2 adapter?

Introducing Blackmagic UltraStudio 4K Extreme

Blackmagic Design UltraStudio Monitor 3G - External Editing and Playback Monitor Interface

The UltraStudio Monitor 3G from Blackmagic Design lets you see your video timeline in its native format on an external monitor, or lets you play back directly into a video production switcher.

UltraStudio Monitor 3G - https://djp.li/usm3g

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Jose Allende : I really appreciate your explanation and your non-pretentious presentation. You have helped immensely. I've read in other places that I needed this device in order to grade HDR, but no one explained exactly what this device does. You did so now I understand what's going on. Thanks again!
Brendan Dower : Hi Doug
Very informative video! I am looking at getting one to use as a confidence monitor in vMix (because I have exceeded monitor outputs on Graphics Card) but have heard this device can add high latency. Has this been your experience?
Foxtrot Alpha : Hey Doug, thanks for your video. Really answered a lot of my questions.
Btw, i have macbook air m1 with 8gb ram, if i use this device, will it also help FCPX with rendering effect or transition? Because sometimes, even when using proxy, FCPX use too much ram for my laptop and used ssd for swap memory and i heard it not good in the long run. Thanks
Xacck : Hey Doug, thanks for the in depth explanation inside this video. The explanation really gave me a rough understanding of the device. I'm still a somewhat-beginner to this world and still figuring out all of the technical bits in creating my setup, so i'm still a little bit lost as to essentially how this device really works and how i could use it for my purposes specifically. I mainly do editing and color grading work on a pretty old Macbook Pro. The main issue i've been dealing with is playing back my footage (whether on the Final Cut/Resolve) onto an external monitor via HDMI output, where the footage is often laggy or choppy. I was wondering whether this is an issue of the GPU being overworked due to the processing for the editing/color grading work and not enough for also displaying onto the external monitor, especially it being a pretty old laptop? And to sum up in context towards this video, would using this UltraStudio Monitor 3G help me solve this problem? (Because i read in other comments that this would, in a way, take some of the workload off of my GPU)
Mort Fotouhi : Very informative video. Does HDMI out from this device carry audio signals that can be fed into an audio interface or AV receiver for let's say a surround?




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