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Transportation Vocabulary and Vehicle Names

Enrich your vocabulary with means of transport and vehicle names.
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Means Of Transport For Children - Land, water and air transport for kids

Educational video for children teaching them vocabulary related with land, water and air transport. This video recopilation includes means of transport like the bicycle, the car, the bus, the boat, the submarine, the airplane, the helicopter, the rocket and lots more.

This video is part of a collection of videos about means of transport for children, helping them learn new vocabulary in a fun way. Excellent resource for Pre-School Education.

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Blippi at the Children's Museum to see Vehicles for Kids | Transportation Song

Blippi visits a children's museum to learn about vehicles for kids. This Blippi video has the Blippi song of The Transportation Song by Blippi. Blippi learns about planes for kids, learns about fire trucks for kids, and more fun vehicles for kids. This fun Blippi video is part of a educational video for kids series called Blippi. Blippi and his fun songs for kids is a great way to learn and explore the curiosities that children have. For more videos like this Children's Museum video and Blippi Place video be sure to subscribe to

Check out Blippi's full educational videos for toddlers playlist at\u0026list=PLWb2Eak1eoiiP1vZ1qcnCjXI2O8KLE3_q

Special Thanks to Edventure Children's Museum in Columbia, SC.




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